Sunday, April 19, 2009

Many complain today there is too much government. We can take away the government and what do we have? There would have been no G.I Bill passed, there would be no Medicaid, or Medicare, no Social Security Benefits, no Equal Employment Opportunity Act signed into law. There will be no Military or Peace Corps. There would not have been a Voting Act passed for minorities. Your money that is in the bank would not be insured. We would have not had highways or for those who had fallen on hard times , no aide to families. For half of the students that have enrolled in college, there would be no Pell Grants or Financial Aid. For the many who despise the policies of the government." Why do you even vote"Many now want to blame President Obama for the hardship our country is facing or more government spending. The economic hardship we are facing now, didn't just happen on Jan 20th 2009. It started when those in congress wanted lesser government interference. The passing of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act and The Gramm-Leach-Biley was the beginning of lesser government interference. President Obama can sit down and do nothing and let the private sectors take care of themselves which they have not or he can do what our tax dollars is paying him to do. President Obama can put a freeze on government spending on those who are loosing their jobs, will not have unemployment benefits nor would families be able to get medical and food stamps benefits to support their families. The drop out of college students will rise because of no funding for half of the students who are enrolled. Which will then trickle down to students are in school because if there is no chance of going to college what is the benefit for graduating high school. So for those who attended the Tea Party on April 15th 2009 do you know what you were really asking for? The largest percentage of the people who were there is not making over 250,000.00 and some were probably not employed. So if you were screaming lesser government and no higher taxes then you should have been protesting that 8 eight years ago